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Ian Tamblyn and Lynn Miles in Concert

Songwriting Camp with Ian Tamblyn and Lynn Miles

May 14 and 15, 2016 - $150

The Mill Road Community Space in Chelsea, Quebec, is proud to be hosting a songwriting workshop and concert featuring two of the country's most celebrated folk artists.

Ian and Lynn have very different approaches to teaching and encouraging the craft/art of songwriting. Having both instructors available on the same weekend will be a rich experience.

Ian's approach:
There will be a mixture of talk, and exercises focusing on the songwriting process. I will sometimes join the exercise myself or present a song or snippet of a song to illustrate the point of each exercise. It is my belief that if one relies only on the Muse to carry you, without a craft foundation, a songwriter will be building a house of cards.

Lynn's approach:
I perform one of my songs and explain the process I use to create. Then I ask all participants to choose one area of their work that they'd like to focus on, and let this guide the class. This usually leads to discussions about form, rhyme, groove, and creativity. We will discuss each student's issue by having them play a song for the class if they want to, or use other examples to explore the issue.

Ian and Lynn will hand out a list of inspiring books and other texts. They are happy to give homework.

To register, please contact Ian by email at tamblyn@hotmail.com or Lynn by email via her website.

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